People's Stories

Every cent donated to the fund makes a real difference to people's lives. The testimonials below show just how much The Pharmacy Benevolent Fund means to its beneficiaries.

so much thanks for the beautiful flowers on Christmas Eve, what a lovely thought and surprise. Gave me a great lift


I am very thankful for the help you have given me and my family, especially during my illness


The Ben Fund has made such a difference to my life, the difference between living and existing


Thanks a million for the heating cheque, at least now I can turn on the heat when I need it instead of using a hot water bottle and dressing gown


I am delighted I found out about the Ben Fund from my local Pharmacist, my husband, a Pharmacist died many years ago when the children were small and our money has now run out and I have been living on only the OAP with a handicapped son.


I enjoyed your visit lately as some days I may not see one person


I Saved for the last couple of months from your cheque and I could replace the back door which was leaking and rotten